Currently there is no pool on our complex or locally in Enix.  We are hoping that this situation will be rectified by summer 2008, however, there are plenty of beaches in the area, which can be reached within 30 minutes drive from the house.  We are quite new to the area ourselves, but we have sampled some of them so these are our recommendations.


Aguadulce Playa


Aguadulce playa (beach) is a child safe beach approximately one mile in length.  The type of sand depends on which part of the beach you are on.  In areas it is fine sand and others it is fine shingle (which can be a little hard on the feet).  The water is generally calm and safe for children.  If you have small children, head for the area of the beach protected by the man-made rock wall (located approx 20 metres into the sea).  It provides protection against waves and the current.


The beach has four or five beach bars, spread evenly across the length of the beach, where they serve lunch and refreshments from midday onwards.  Seafood is generally a speciality.


At one end of the beach is Aguadulce marina, a small marina full of yachts and boats surrounded by bars and restaurants.  Great for daytimes and evenings alike.


  Aguadulce playa



El Palmer, Enix


Despite being 15km away from the coast, the village of Enix has it's own beach at El Palmer.  The beach is open to the general public and is well worth a visit.  There are some major pro's and con's with El Palmer.  Firstly the con's; the beach is made up of pebbles which tend to be very hard on the feet (so you will need to wear flip-flops or waterproof shoes when going from beach to sea), and the gradient of the beach into the sea can be quite steep in places.  It's also tricky to get to as it's a small turning off the N-340.  However, the pro's are; the water is incredibly clear and the beach is rarely crowded.  There are rocks pools to explore and an area for fishing.  There is also a very good bar/restaurant (see picture below).  Don't be put off by the fact that it looks like a run-down shack from the outside, it's nice inside.  The staff are very friendly and the food is excellent, and reasonably priced.  Seafood is their speciality.  When you go here, make lunch your main meal of the day!  If you can't stomach such a large meal at lunchtime, then sit at the bar outside and have some drinks and tapas.



  El Palmer Beach    Bar/restaurant at El Palmer beach



Roquetas de Mar, Playa de la Bajadilla


Roquetas de Mar is made up of five separate beaches stretching for several miles.  Our favourite is Play de la Bajadilla.  It's so big, that even in the height of the holiday season, it's never crowded and you can always get a spot right next to the water's edge.  Adjacent to the beach is a promenade which stretches for miles.  Along the promenade are a small number of bars and restaurants, which can be used for the midday meal.  One bar which we like is an English bar called Bar Spinnaker which provides home-from-home English food together with Sky Sports and Internet access (small charge).  Try their all-day breakfasts, they're huge and very good value.



              Playa de la Bajadilla                  Bar Spinnaker






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